Introductory Material on Some Causal Inference Topics

  • Leveraging Prognostic Baseline Variables to Gain Precision in Randomized Trials through Covariate Adjustment. [PDF]
  • The Assumptions a Causal DAG (directed acyclic graph) Encodes. [PPT] Note: contains animation, best viewed in slideshow mode.
  • Overview of Targeted Maximum Likelihood for Estimating the Causal Effects of a Single Time Point Treatment and of a Two Time Point Treatment. [PDF]

Johns Hopkins University

  • Measure-Theoretic Probability Theory 2014-2015
  • Asymptotic Statistics 2015
  • Essentials of Probability and Statistical Inference I: Probability. 2010-2013. 
  • Essentials of Probability and Statistical Inference II: Statistical Inference.  2011-2013.
  • Adaptive Designs in Clinical Trials: 2009-2010. 
  • Experimental and Non-experimental Designs for Estimating Causal Effects (140.665.01)-co-taught with Constantine Frangakis.  Course created and implemented by Constantine. 2009-2014. 

UC Berkeley

  • Statistics 131A: Statistical Inferences for Social and Life Scientists. Fall 2007.
  • Statistics 20: Introduction to Probability and Statistics. Spring 2007.