Selected Publications

  • Rosenblum, M, Liu H, Yen E-H (2014) “Optimal Tests of Treatment Effects for the Overall Population and Two Subpopulations in Randomized Trials, Using Sparse Linear Programming” Journal of the American Statistical Association (Theory and Methods). In Press. [Online Early Here]
  • Click HERE for Papers from half-day Workshop led by Michael Rosenblum on Adaptive Designs at the FDA, from the PACES (Partnership in Applied Comparative Effectiveness Science) Collaboration, June 26, 2013
  • Rosenblum M. (2013) “Confidence intervals for the selected population in randomized trials that adapt the population enrolled” Biometrical Journal. 55(3):322-340. [PDF]
  • Rosenblum M, van der Laan MJ. (2011) “Optimizing Randomized Trial Designs to Distinguish  which Subpopulations Benefit from Treatment” Biometrika, 98(4): 845-860. [PDF]
  • Contact: mrosen “–at–” jhu–dot–(dashes and this phrase inserted to avoid spam) edu

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