I am an Assistant Professor in Biostatistics at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.  My research interests include adaptive clinical trial designs, robustness to model misspecification, causal inference, and HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment.

Postdoc Positions Available

I have two postdoc positions available. One is in causal inference with applications in HIV prevention (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis); the other is in adaptive randomized trial designs. Please email me your CV if you are interested to discuss these.

Recent Publications

  • Rosenblum, M. (in press) Adaptive Randomized Trial Designs that Cannot Be Dominated By Any Standard Design at the Same Total Sample Size. Biometrika. [LINK]
  • Rosenblum, M, Liu H, Yen E-H. (in press) “Optimal Tests of Treatment Effects for the Overall Population and Two Subpopulations in Randomized Trials, Using Sparse Linear Programming” Journal of the American Statistical Association (Theory and Methods). [LINK]

Example of Optimal Rejection Regions Produced by Method in Above Paper:

Example Rejection Regions Based on New Sparse LP Method

  • Rosenblum, M, (in press) “Uniformly Most Powerful Tests for Simultaneously Detecting a Treatment Effect in the Overall Population and at Least One Subpopulation” Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference[LINK]

Recent Funding

Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) Funding for Methodological Research Project: Innovative Randomized Trial Designs to Generate Stronger Evidence about Subpopulation Benefits and Harms (Principal Investigator: Michael Rosenblum. Duration: 2014 to 2017.)

Papers on Improved Design and Analysis for Randomized Trials

  • Papers from half-day Workshop led by Michael Rosenblum on Adaptive Designs at the FDA, from the PACES (Partnership in Applied Comparative Effectiveness Science) Collaboration, June 26, 2013. [LINK]

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